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What do you guys think of my Shark fakemon? 
Failen and Magepie Join the new region! Some more old Fakemon will emerge pretty soon with some re-worked art. Failen and Magepie will be updated soon with their evolutions and MEGAS!
40 Failen by Claudiamore
40 Failen
Dex: 40
Name: Failen

Type: Fairy/Psychic
Ability: Magical Wish
Dex Entry: Failen can change it size to hide from predators, or hunters. Hunters try to catch this fakemon to take its tales because that provide magical powers
38 Magepie by Claudiamore
38 Magepie
Dex: 38
Name: Magepie

Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Fuzzy Coat
Dex Entry: Magepie's eyes can see everything in a heat vision, their fuzzy hairs can prick someone with posion
Replaced Mantyfake with Chachkid! Re-working Mantyfakes design 
TRIO ALERT! Faifu, Shaifern, Waifery by Claudiamore

The sister trio was born from one single egg, where the two eldest sisters (top left SHAIFERN & top right WAIFERY) saw the light of day before their runt sister, Faifu. Without Faifu, the other two sisters lose their psychic Abilities. They will lose their strength and change into their Runt forms which Faifu is already at. Once the two eldest sisters have fainted, Faifu will change form into its Eldest form. More info 2 come....

67 Faifu by Claudiamore68 Shaifern by Claudiamore 69 Waifery by Claudiamore

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Can I just say how happy I am that you're back and submitting so many new designs!? ^o^
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Hello fellow Pokemon A New Frontier member, I need your help more than ever! Would you like to win 1,000 points and a commission from me?  I am asking all the members of my group for a little help. If I win, I will be able to have the needed funds to make this game a reality. All you have to do is little favor for me.

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Have a Happy New Year!
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