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My friend released a new song! I love it, please check it out! Hes filming a video for his songs 2! show support and love! 

so the new pokemon update is coming in a few hours, what do you want 2 see? I want the starter evolutions...
Who is happy with this months COROCORO, and who is disapointed with it?
TRIO ALERT! Faifu, Shaifern, Waifery by Claudiamore

The sister trio was born from one single egg, where the two eldest sisters (top left SHAIFERN & top right WAIFERY) saw the light of day before their runt sister, Faifu. Without Faifu, the other two sisters lose their psychic Abilities. They will lose their strength and change into their Runt forms which Faifu is already at. Once the two eldest sisters have fainted, Faifu will change form into its Eldest form. More info 2 come....

67 Faifu by Claudiamore 68 Shaifern by Claudiamore  69 Waifery by Claudiamore


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really Miss You.
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I hope your birthday has been fantastic
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Meant to be awat from here this week, buuuuut. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have an amazing day :)
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday Claudiamore
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